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Our Success

At Delton Denture Clinic of Edmonton, AB, we are pleased to bring you testimonials provided by our patients. Their smiles are the mark of our success.


“How implants changed my life: At first I was a little skeptical, but after having implants, my whole life has changed. I can eat whatever I want now; I can also go out, laugh and have a great time without worrying about my teeth falling out. My teeth look so good that I always get compliments on my smile as well as how good my teeth look. Even people who knew me before and knew about the trouble I was having can't believe the overall change to my lower facial features. They comment that my chin doesn't look so hollow anymore. (It also erased a lot of wrinkles around my mouth.) With a special thanks to Gino and his staff – who took the time to explain everything step by step, which made me feel very much at ease – I have a whole new perspective on life.”

—Caroline G.

“Hi Gino: Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with my new dentures. It's been a little over 3 months and I have not had a minute of trouble. They fit perfectly. I can eat anything without having to worry about my teeth moving about or clacking. I used to hold my teeth in by clenching my mouth when I talked or smiled. I now have the freedom to smile those wide smiles and laugh with my mouth wide open. BONUS: I look pretty good too. I am so glad I picked a denturist with such a high level of professional skill and workmanship. Thank you sincerely for your concern for me, your patient. You made me feel special.”

—Betty S.

“I really do appreciate all the caring and perfection you have for your profession. I do know that dentures were difficult for me because of the lower gum ridge, which was nearly non-existent for me. I want to thank you for referring me to a dental corporation for 2 dental implants for the bottom gums. I don't know why I didn't go this route sooner. The fine workmanship you put into making the new upper and lower denture to connect to the implants was appreciated so very much. I can chew anything now (carrots, apples, steak, and maybe even shoe leather if I have to). I really do feel my general health has improved now, because I can chew my food properly instead of swallowing so many things whole. Also, no more sore areas on my bottom gum to impede my ability to chew. What else can I say, except I am happy and grateful? With much appreciation.”



“Hi. I am writing this because I have never been so excited. My teeth are awesome. When I first came, my jaw was far out and I knew I needed some help. Now everything is done. My jaw is completely the way it should be. The fit is perfect. My family is just amazed. Thank you for the great job. My teeth do not look at all like dentures. I don't need any glue to keep them in place. And, guess what, my nick name is also Gino. :) I have truly been blessed. Thank you, Gino!”



“Thank you for the "masterpiece" you created in my mouth. Your attention to detail and your commitment to making every denture a work of art speaks to your professionalism. Thanks so much.”

—Mary Ellen


“It has been my pleasure to be a very satisfied patient of the denturist Gino Borelli. I have been a patient for 7 years and have had 2 sets of dentures fitted. Gino is very patient, gentle, and interested in customer satisfaction. I highly recommend Gino to anyone interested in a well-fitted set of dentures. I would never go anyplace else for my dentures.”



“Dear Gino and Teesha: I just wanted to say a great big thank you to you both. Thank you for arranging your demanding practice for me, making it possible for me to come to you. You are indeed wonderful for all your special care, and I would not have anyone else make my dentures but you. So thankful, after moving from here to British Columbia, to be able to come back to Edmonton for your special touch. Thank you both so very, very much. Looking forward to coming for my relining. I wish everyone could find a caring and special person to take care of them, as I have found in you both.”

—Angela (currently in Oliver, BC)


“Gino and Teesha: My sincere thanks and gratitude to both of you for your expertise and professionalism in the creation of my new dentures. All is well so far. LOVE THE LOOK. Sincerely,”



“Gino and Teesha: Words cannot express my heartfelt thanks to Gino for giving me back my smile and a great set of teeth. And to Teesha for lending an ear and understanding chats. You both really care. Again, oceans of thanks!”



“Thank you so much for coming in during your holiday and adjusting my dentures. I really appreciate you and your family’s time! Again, thank you!”




“Gino and Staff: I love my teeth and I wanted you to know how much I appreciated your front staff and everyone’s professionalism. Great job.”