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Complete Dentures in Edmonton

Why do some dentures look like real teeth, while others are clearly false teeth?

This difference is comprised of three main factors: 

  • Shape of the teeth
  • Colors and surface texture of the teeth
  • Placement of the teeth

At Delton Denture and Implant Clinic, our dentures are made to look like natural teeth—all the while having characteristics that complement the unique features of your face, personality, age, and gender. We can work with you to choose from an extensive variety of tooth shapes and materials.

Delton Denture Clinic Edmonton

Our advanced layering techniques make our dentures stand out against visibly false teeth, as they match the depth and beauty that natural teeth possess.

Long Lasting Life-Like Esthetics

Regardless of what you've been told, not all dentures guarantee the same quality. Our dentures are constructed with the best materials and most advanced technology available. The result: the best possible appearance that will sustain itself for years to come.

Smile-Specific Denture Tooth Selection

Removable dentures are designed with the intent of giving you the most authentic smile. They are constructed based on the surrounding features of the face and jaw along with your personal preferences. At the end, your dentures will represent your authentic smile.

A Personalized Smile

Where the teeth are placed is vitally important in how the smile looks. Our dentures will combine esthetic guidelines with facial features to make a smile that best represents yours.

Better Fit

We take great care in fitting the gum portion (pink tissue) to ensure optimal fit and improved quality so that you will enjoy an excellent fit with our dentures.

Patented Press Processing

The patented press processing that we give our dentures ensures that they give you a precise fit, more comfort and excellent stability.

With our complete dentures, you can look forward to improved confidence, an enhanced appearance, and an improved quality of life far beyond that of basic false teeth. Contact us today to get started.