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About Delton Denture Clinic

We fabricate the highest quality dentures in our on-site laboratory, provide conscientious clinical care, and recommend only those treatment options that we would choose for ourselves and our families.

Delton Denture Clinic was established by Gino Borelli DD, to provide specialist service for full, partial, and implant retained dentures. As a licensed denturist, Gino has been serving the Edmonton community since 1995.

Throughout his career, Gino has been a firm believer in continuing education and has remained current on the latest technologies and techniques. Through further studies in Switzerland and California, he has refined his expertise in aesthetic dentures, with the aim of giving patients a natural-looking smile.

As a denturist, Gino actually fabricates the dentures in the laboratory on the premises and does the intraoral procedures on the patient chair-side. Gino is skilled in both the clinical and laboratory aspects of making dentures. This results in a more customized set of dentures, fewer problems, and ultimately a happier patient.

Gino is a member of the Alberta Denturist Association, Canadian Denturist Association, and College of Alberta Denturists.

Gino and the experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated staff at Delton Denture Clinic strive to give all of their patients quality, sympathetic care, and a comfortable treatment experience. Let us help you regain your beautiful smile with properly fitting, high-quality dentures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Denturists are independent professionals, licensed and trained to provide removable denture prosthetic services directly to the public. Unlike other health care practitioners who provide dentures, denturists actually fabricate the dentures in the laboratory on the premises and also do the intraoral procedures on the patient chair-side. Denturists are skilled in both the clinical and laboratory aspects of making dentures. This workflow results in a more customized set of dentures, fewer problems, and ultimately a happier patient. Denturists are your denture specialists!

You don’t need a referral to visit a denturist, so call us today to book your consultation.

Here are some of the signs:

  • Sore and irritated gums
  • Thinning lips and sagging mouth
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Loose dentures
  • A toothless-looking smile
  • Headaches
  • Neck or ear pain
  • Whistling, slurring, or clicking noises
  • Your dentures are more than 5 years old

Your dentures and tissues should be checked annually. Your mouth is continually changing. To ensure a properly fitting, high-quality denture, your denturist will check your bite position, along with tissue changes, stains, and calculus deposits. By helping you keep your tissue healthy, we can help ensure that your dentures will continue to fit correctly.

The removable denture is made of a hard, rigid material. In contrast, your face, mouth, and jaw change over the years. Because it cannot adapt to these changes and because artificial teeth wear down with time, a denture cannot effectively do its job for more than about 5 years.

A “worn-out” denture can have devastating effects. These are often invisible and imperceptible to the denture wearer. Here are just a few of the possible side effects:

  • Headaches, ear aches, neck pain, and joint problems
  • Laborious chewing, difficult digestion, colon problems
  • Dietary deficiencies
  • Over-closing of the jaw, which gives the wearer an aging look
  • Irritated gums and/or sores
To help you avoid the situation of being without teeth, your denturist will take impressions and photographs of your mouth while your natural teeth are still present. The denturist can then fabricate a denture in the likeness of your natural teeth. The denturist can also make any necessary modifications you may wish. When your natural teeth are extracted, the immediate denture is then inserted. With this technique, you will avoid the embarrassment of being without any teeth while going through the healing process.
Implant retained dentures are the closest thing to having your natural teeth. They offer one of the best ways to retain your full or partial dentures. When teeth are extracted, loss of bone and soft tissue results, sometimes making stabilizing the dentures difficult. In turn, loose dentures can cause decreased chewing ability and deterioration of the jaw structure over time. This cyclical cause of bone loss can be reduced or minimized with dental implants. Clinical studies show that dental implants preserve bone and reduce gum-tissue loss because they stabilize the foundation for the dentures. Patients who have chosen implant retained dentures frequently tell us they can eat, smile, and laugh with confidence once again. They enjoy a new-found quality of life as a result of having implant retained dentures.
You will require oral surgery performed by a dental surgeon for your implants. We can refer you to a dental surgeon for this procedure! Once your implants are in place, we will design and fit your new dentures to your implants. We work closely with your surgeon to coordinate this entire treatment plan for you. Call us today to schedule your examination with us to determine if dental implants are the right solution for you.

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